Hello, I’m Themefisher

Ecocity Lifelong Learning Network had its starting point in 1996. The goal to realize the vision that unfolded quickly on front of my eyes on that stool in the ranch home I had rented the summer of 1996. So much life has been lived since then.

I bring the passion of this life that brings us opportunities to collaborate and remove barriers that are often inherited. A life well lived is based on assigning ourselves a role that we feel in our bones - a role that must be taken at the cost of our very souls. The job now of ecocity.com is to seek out actionable areas of society as it strives to shift, while working cross-culturally to compliment one another with action and motivation.


That’s up to us. What we do and how we see one another. Please join me in this effort to set precedent with simple, humble acts. We have only the moment of now to act within, yet future people and the health of our planet hangs on the choices we make now. Lets make good choices together, and talk about them. Life is not a meaningless pursuit.