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In NYC, on September 28th, 218 nations plan to agreeing upon 17 Sustainable
Development Goals, and 39 targets for the next 15 years on Earth

Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger

Original MDG #1

author01 06/19/2015

"We must address the completity, multidimensionality, and interdependence of global dynamics (economic, political, cultural, social, educational, etc.) from an eco-ethical vision that proposes creative alternatives to change the relations between human beings and nature"

from the paper: "Global Citizenship Education and Sustainable Development Goals: A Transdisciplinary and Biomimetic Perspective"
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Achieve Universal Primary Education

Original MDG #2

author02 06/16/2015

The six goals established in The Dakar Framework for Action, Education for All:

  • Goal 1: Expand early childhood care and education[2]
  • Goal 2: Provide free and compulsory primary education for all[3]
  • Goal 3: Promote learning and life skills for young people and adults[4]
  • Goal 4: Increase adult literacy by 50 percent[5]
  • Goal 5: Achieve gender parity by 2005, gender equality by 2015[6]
  • Goal 6: Improve the quality of education[7]

Promote Gender Equality

Original MDG #3

author03 06/16/2015

Reduce Child Mortality

Original MDG #4

author04 06/14/2015

Original MDG Commitment #4
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The Questionable Power of the Millennium Development Goal to Reduce Child Mortality - Elisa Díaz-Martínez, Elizabeth D Gibbons, May 2013- This paper explores the potential for distorting priorities and marginalizing, or even displacing, important human development and human rights concerns inherent in such global goal setting exercise of MDGs

Improve Maternal Health

Original MDG #5

author05 06/11/2015

Combat HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Other Diseases

Original MDG #6

author06 06/10/2015

Our estimates of the number of people living with HIV are 18.7% smaller than UNAIDS’s estimates in 2012. The number of people living with malaria is larger than estimated by WHO. The number of people living with HIV, tuberculosis, or malaria have all decreased since 2000. At the global level, upward trends for malaria and HIV deaths have been reversed, and declines in tuberculosis deaths have accelerated. 101 countries (74 of which are developing) still have increasing HIV incidence. Substantial progress since the Millennium Declaration is an encouraging sign of the effect of global action. -2013 source, full text

Environmental Sustainability

Original MDG #7

author06 06/10/2015

Global Partnership in Sustainable Development

Original MDG #8

author06 06/10/2015

"Transparency can help improve the quality of government contracting. It lowers barriers to entry for firms to bid on work by providing information about previous similar contracts and gives bidders greater comfort that the bidding process will be fair. Governments benefit from increased competition as well as the experience of similar contract models from other jurisdictions, which should improve price or revenue forecasts as well as the quality of contract specifications. Civil society can use contract information to ensure that delivery of services (or the supply of revenues) matches the agreement." source