Social transformation is never easy. Each of us needs to reckon with the reality of our own cultural programming, lest history should repeat itself. Sustainability education is more effective with good community surrounding the learning process, such that new ideas can be tested, and (potentially) locally optimized for climatic and cultural conditions.

“Shiroyama Elementary School, Nagasaki—Messege is written by erementary school student. The atomic bomb attacked only 500m from this erementary,and more than 1500 students ateachers, kids soldiers and nature. Link to Nagasaki Atiomic Bomb Museun Thank you clicking my picture! I really LOVE reading comments about my photo and viewing your work using mine! If you are the one, please contact me to”

Thank you Formally for bearing witness and standing for peace   ありがとうございます Arigatou gozaimasu

We can all flourish if we use our heads and hearts.

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