Mama Watoto Self Help Group

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Mama Watoto Self Help Group:

Is a long term project lead by three close friends on two continents. One of the goals of the group is to create opportunity and ecological literacy while bridging cultural, spacial, and temporal distances with care, support and mentor-ship.

Claudia Mwende

Greg Willson

Otieno Ogango

Maria Gotetty Boke

Reuben Koech.

Young people living in Kenya face a rapidly changing urban landscape with limited opportunities for economic growth. Mama Watoto Self Help Group and Mamawatoto Eco School emphasizes awareness and action for environmental protection and job creation.

Current programs include

{renewable energy systems}

  • biogas design project
  • Small scale olar energy system design and maintenance
  • Energy conservation

{Water systems}

  • Sanitary latrine design
  • water filtration systems ( DIY & product selection )
  • basic plumbing
  • water system mapping
  • safe water storage

{ herbal medicine }

  • production of home remedies
  • Production of local health products
  • Natural remedy round table
  • use of mushrooms as medicine and foods
  • composting and organic garden techiques
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Specializations in urban farming
  • soil detoxification

Product making training & marketing support

  • Eco- accessories..
  • crafts relief for youth and women.
  • Income generating job creation
  • poverty relief

{teacher training }

{ early childhood development}

{ storytelling, theater, acting, poetry, musical performance}

Urban farming techniques

{kids art relief for the environment }

{ eliminating burning of plastics}

  • processing into pelletized raw materials
  • Woven and crocheted crafts
  • New molded products

{information technology training}

  • writing for the web
  • user interface programming ( VueJs )
  • Static website publishing
  • IT Consulting business management training
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Mama Watoto Self Help Group
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