utopian thinking 2017 style

Today, I talked with a few friends about different ways that Watson, Einstein, Hive, Pig, Hadoop python software stacks are able to help us with our biggest problems as modern humans. Interesting things were revealed in these discussions.  The answer is complex and needs to be custom.



This project has high aspirations.  We aim to continue to provide support for the mentors and the leaders, the artists and the teachers, the young student and the ambitious young entrepreneur.

Ecocity.com is something that started in 1996 in Hanalei, Hawaii, when the domain was initially purchased. It changed my life. I started thinking about things at a higher level. What if this work could change the world. How much could one person really do in one life..?

It started to become more than that.. more than one person.  The ‘Ecocity’ concept is a huge global concept. There are international conferences, organizations, and businesses in every city of the world working to leverage their niche in the ‘cyclic city metabolism’, described by sustainable development writers. We have the power to manifest change in our world, but we want that change to be as well advised as possible, so that we are not repeating common mistakes.  The best way to learn is to share our process transparently along the way, so this project represents an invitation to all people, groups, and governments of the world to share what they have learned toward the establishment of viable sustainable cities and human settlement well into the 21st century.

The advance of AI (artificial intelligence) presents us with an interesting challenge. Computing power continues to increase while microprocessors shrink in size at a steady pace.  Now, in March of 2017, we are at the dawn of a quantum computing revolution which stands poised to surpass and replace the existing computing with shocking new capabilities.

Please join us in stepping forward with new cooperative social, economic, and technological solutions that we can believe in.


Thank you

Ǥœg Willson